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COVID-19 Cleaning

Keep Your Home or Business Safe With Our COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Covid-19 continues to be a major threat throughout the world. Australian homes and businesses are doing their part to help prevent the continued spread of the covid-19 pandemic. Our covid-19 cleaning services are here to help you step up your game when it comes to protecting your home or business from the pandemic.

One of the most important services we offer when it comes to keeping your home or business safe from covid-19 is our deep cleaning services Sydney. 

Our COVID-19 cleaning service includes electrostatic fogging that sprays a mist of sanitising solution that has been positively charged. This positive charge allows it to become attracted to a wide range of services. This means that it's going to have a better application than if you were to use a traditional aerosol spray or a wipe.

Our electrostatic fogging service is one of the best covid-19 sterilisation options you can pick. It's safe for kids, pets, and even individuals with asthma. If you find yourself looking into getting our COVID-19 cleaning service, search for deep cleaning services Sydney, and On-Guard Sanitisation will come up.

Here's how our covid-19 sterilisation services work.

  1. We will first talk with you about the scope of the project. Whether we're going to be working to protect your home, your office, or your public-facing business the first step is talking with our expert virologists.

  2. Our expert specialist team will then take care of every high-touch surface in your home or business. These are services like doorknobs, chairs, and other areas that come into more contact with people throughout the day.

  3. After our team takes care of high-touch areas, we will then do our electrostatic fogging process. This will apply an even layer of sanitisation solution throughout your home or business. This is the best way to get your space sterilised and safe from the covid-19 pandemic. Our sterilisation solutions are 99.9% effective against a wide range of microscopic threats including the Coronavirus.

  4. Once we're done sterilising your home, we will handle all waste disposal. We follow the strictest EPA guidelines when it comes to disposing of any sanitisation waste that was created while we were protecting your home or business. Keeping our environment clean is just another part of helping protect our communities.

  5. Once it's done, we will present you with a certificate of sterilisation. The certificate will fully reflect the scope of the work that has been done.


Reach out to On-Guard Sanitisation today to learn more about the services we have to offer and how we can help keep your home or business safe from the covid-19 pandemic.

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