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Sanitisation Cleaning

How Our Sanitisation Cleaning Services Keep You Safe

At On-Guard Sanitisation, we've committed to giving Australia more than just your standard sanitisation cleaning services. If you are looking for “house cleaning services near me”, On-Guard Sanitisation has you covered. We're a team of expert virologists who combined sanitisation and virologist services with our innovative microbe shield defense solution.

Microbe Shield is more than just another way to keep your business and home sanitised. It's a defensive technology that stays in place for weeks on end and provides lasting protection for a wide range of viral and microbial threats.

One of the biggest threats to our businesses and those around us today is the threat of becoming an infection hotspot. Nothing is more damaging to a company's public reputation than being associated with an outbreak of a dangerous disease. Even if you are hosting something in your home, you want to ensure safety for your guests. Microbe shields last for up to 30 days and can keep your business and home from becoming the site of the latest outbreak.

Here's how a microbe shield works.

Our services include applying microbe shields to your business. Microbe shield is a water-based product that can either be fogged, sprayed, or wiped onto a wide range of services. Once applied, the microbe shield creates a microscopic defensive layer that prevents harmful pathogens from living on your company’s surfaces. When dangerous microbes come into contact with our microbe shield, 99.9% of them don't live to tell the tale.

Here is just a few of the dangerous pathogens are microbe shield technology has been proven effective against:

  • Coronavirus

  • MERS

  • N9H2

  • H1N1

  • Norovirus

  • E.coli

  • MRSA

  • Salmonella

  • Mould

  • Fungi

  • Algae


Our services have been proven safe for your customers, your clients, and especially your space of work or living. We're committed to making Australian businesses and homes a safer place for our communities.

Reach out to us today to learn more about “home cleaning services near me” and the other sanitisation cleaning services we have to offer.

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