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After-death Cleanup

The passing of a loved one is heartbreaking for everyone involved, especially if the death is an unattended one. What can make the situation so much worse is realizing you are the person responsible for the after-death clean-up. An after-death scene is emotionally traumatizing for the family members, loved ones, and property management. If the death occurs in a public location such as a mall, hotel, or car, the clean-up needs to be efficient while still being handled with the utmost care and respect.

An unattended death is a term that refers to a person who has passed on without anyone there. An unattended death clean-up is defined as cleaning, removing, and disinfection of blood and other body fluids, whether due to a homicide, suicide, accident, or natural causes.

Our skilled team at On-Guard Sanitisation has all the correct chemicals and experience to restore contaminated conditions. They also wear the proper personal safety equipment. We will work with you to evade you performing a distressing and challenging chore yourself.

After-death clean-up is crucial because the delicate human body begins to fall apart when our bodily operations fail. Yes, this is the natural order of things, but biological elements cause a hazardous environment when the body breaks down.

It is difficult to see a loved one after death, especially if that death has gone unrecognized for an extended amount of time. If a person dies and is not found within a few hours, the scene can be incredibly distressing. Not only is the location challenging to look at, but it may be foul-smelling as well. As normal as body decomposition is, the longer a body lies, the greater its threat to those around it.

Biohazardous materials may leak into the carpet and floors. Unfortunately, they may also begin to spread through the ceiling below. Only trained professionals, such as On-Guard Sanitisation, should handle any situation involving the human body's deterioration.

The upsetting odor following an unattended death is caused by air-borne chemicals radiating from the decomposing body. On-Guard Sanitisation will purify and cleanse the air after an unattended death. We are discreetly compliant and will restore your safety. Our after-death clean-up crew can decontaminate anything from houses, workplaces, automobiles, or any other location where a decomposing body has been.

Overseeing a trauma scene is more than just hiring a cleaning service. On-Guard Sanitisation treats each circumstance with grace and care for the victim's family and friends.

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