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Best Ways to Sanitize and Clean Your Home

Cleaning and sanitizing your home frequently is essential if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. To stop the spread of infections and diseases, it is recommended to clean surfaces at least once a day. There are many different ways to decontaminate your home to ensure its cleanliness. This post will highlight the best ways to clean and sanitize your home.

4 Best Ways to Sanitize Your Home

1. Put your sponge in your microwave or dishwasher to clean it.

Sponges can get filthy. It doesn't make much sense to clean your dishes or countertops with a dirty sponge, does it? It is kind of counterproductive. Put your wet sponge in the microwave for thirty seconds to clean and sanitize it. You can also place your sponge in the dishwasher to help clean it off. It would be best to replace your sponge on a weekly basis, depending on how often you use it. After each use, sanitize the sponge thoroughly to stop bacteria build-up.

2. Clean your baseboard with dryer sheets.

Use a used dryer sheet to clean your baseboard. Cut the dryer sheet in half, and the sheets will last longer. Swipe over your dusty baseboard with a used dryer sheet to collect all the dust and pet hair that has accumulated there. It will also help repel any dust and pet hair from collecting there in the future.

3. Always take your shoes off at the door.

The shoes are dirty. They carry bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. Clean off any dirt outside the house and leave your shoes at the door. Keeping your shoes on the inside is also detrimental to your carpet. Removing shoes outside will not only keep your home clean, but your family safe as well.

4. Make your own homemade, non-toxic cleaning solution.

Many of the cleaning solutions on the market may get the job done, but at what cost? A lot of the sanitizing items on the market are toxic, and the long-term effects of breathing them in are still unknown. A non-toxic cleaning solution you can make at home is 1/4 cup of white or apple cider vinegar combined with one cup of water. You can use the solution on any surface, remotes, and the bathroom.

It is essential to clean your home regularly. It is your responsibility to stop the spread of germs in your house. Clean and sanitize your home regularly to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Consider calling Onguard Sanitisation for all of your cleaning and sanitizing needs.

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